Dance Attire

We here at APAC follow a strict dress code that will be strictly enforced!

Students will not be permitted into class without proper hair style, shoes and dance attire!


  • All levels of Ballet are required to wear black or pink leotards and pink tights.
  • Leather Ballet shoes are required for Pre-school- Ballet 4 levels. Canvas ballet shoes are required for Ballet levels 5 and up. No walmart ballet shoes permitted.
  • No leotards with attached skirts are permitted for levels 1-5. Ballet skirts may be worn, as long as they are not attached to the leotard.
  • HAIR MUST BE IN A BUN FOR ALL LEVELS. Buns require bobby pins and hair nets. No ponytails.

Preschool Classes

  • Hair must be pulled back in a bun. Buns require elastic, bobby pins and hair nets. No ponytails! Hair spray, gel or clips may be needed! No bangs in the face!
  • Tap shoes must be TAN.
  • All students must wear footless pink tights to preschool classes. Footed tights can be harmful to students during the acro section of our class. They make it slippery for children, which can cause a fall. Tights must be worn to all classes.
  • Ballet shoes must be pink leather ballet shoes. Walmart ballet slippers are not permitted.
  • Please keep an eye on student’s shoe sizes. If they are outgrowing shoes, please replace them! Students must have their ballet shoes and tap shoes for every class.
  • Please write your child’s name in all their shoes. This way we can ensure they never lose theirs.
  • In ballet shoes, do not cut the elastics! If they are too short, we can not tie them to tuck them inside the shoes.
  • Tights, ballet and tap shoes must be purchased from a dance store. We do not want parents to have to keep purchasing pieces of the dress code, but we do require a certain attire that APAC staff needs to uphold. Leotards from Target are fine. All other things need to be purchased from a dance store that carries all that we require.
  • Please make sure students have a dance bag to carry all their belongings. We do have APAC bags available for purchase.
  • HAIR CUTS- Please do not make any drastic hair cuts after February for recital! The hair style is part of their uniform!! If you want a drastic hair cut for your child, please do so after the show!


  • Colored leotards, tights and jazz pants are acceptable.
  • Please ask your instructor what color and type of shoes they require.
  • Hair must be slicked back into a ponytail.


  • Colored leotards, tights and jazz pants acceptable.
  • Beginning through advanced classes should ask their instructor what color and type of jazz shoe they require.
  • Hair must be slicked back into a ponytail.


  • All levels of acrobatics may go barefoot in class.
  • Leotards, footless tights and dance shorts are acceptable.
  • Hair must be slicked back into a ponytail.

Hip Hop

  • Hip Hop classes will be required to wear form fitting t-shirt, jazz pants, and jazz sneakers or regular street sneakers.
  • Hair must be slicked back into a ponytail.

*Cover-ups are not allowed to be worn in class.

*Students must have proper dance attire, shoes and hairstyle for each class.