Karynne C

APAC/Impact has become my second home. I love being at the studio and I love the staff who teaches me. They provide everyone with the individual attention they need and focus on helping each student reach to the best of their ability. I have grown with APAC and would never choose another studio! APAC has helped me become the dancer I am today and I owe my knowledge to the great teachers who have taught me!

Alyson K.

The best studio I’ve been to. Great atmosphere nice people and my daughter looks forward to it every week!

Kim D.

Ashley’s Performing Art Center is the BEST dance studio in Palm Beach County!! The Director, Miss Ashley, is a dedicated professional who is passionate about dance. All her instructors are dedicated professionals and they make everyone feel welcome. My daughter was in 6th grade when she started dance at PAC with no prior experience. She was very apprehensive about starting dance. She came home after her first class and was hooked and we were amazed at how she blossomed in such a short time. The support and encouragement from the studio is what made the difference. If you are looking for a place for your child to shine, go to Ashley’s PAC, it will be the best decision you will ever make.

Jenifer E.

APAC is the best! Ashley, Shawna, and the whole staff have done everything possible to support my daughter’s growth as a dancer and as a young woman. The teaching is outstanding, the atmosphere of the studio is positive and encouraging, and the parents are treated with consideration and respect. It’s such a great place for kids to grow up. We love and appreciate our APAC family!

Lori N.

APAC is an amazing studio I have three daughters that dance there.  My oldest is on the competition team and my youngest started the preschool classes this year (2014-2015).  The instructors are great and inspire the kids to be the best they can be. APAC has instilled my daughters with so many valuable qualities, teamwork, responsibility, and hard work are just some of the qualities. They have also increased their self confidence. There might be other studios that are closer but no other studio can compare with APAC. They are our family!

Ariana K.

Dancing at APAC was one of the greatest experiences of my life. During my time there I learned perseverance and determination. I also made some of the best friends I could have ever hoped for. Each day there was filled with fun and learning and from my time there I will carry away some amazing memories.

Yessi P.

Our daughter is only 3 years old and has been a student at Ashley’s Performing Arts since January 2011.  Being only 3 years old we were not sure how much she would learn.  With the individual attention she receives and the dedicated staff, she has learned so much and proved it at her first recital.   She loves going to her dance classes and is very happy there.   We are extremely happy to be a part of Ashley’s Performing Arts and highly recommend it.

Kelly D.

My daughter has attended Ashley’s PAC for almost two years now. She started with ballet and tap and last year added tumbling. She truly enjoys it. Ashley has an incredibly talented staff and it shows at recital time. The talent that is showcased every year is amazing. I am looking to many more years with this wonderful studio. THANKS Ashley!

Marcela T.

I walked into APAC not knowing what to expect. After searching around in my area for a hip hop dance class for my 6 year old son, I stumbled up on APAC. When I walked in, I knew instantly that I was at the right place. It had a great atmosphere and I was immediately greeted by a very friendly lady, Ms. Ashley. I also met the instructor, Mr. Odinni. The following week, my son went in for a trial class, and hasn’t left since. He’s tried many sports, but this is the only thing he actually looks forward to doing. He loves it there, and adores his instructor. I also started taking adult hip hop classes there and also love it. If you or your family is looking for a dance school with a great atmosphere and a caring, loving staff, this is the place. You won’t be disappointed!

Irene M.

My daughter Christianna is 3  1/2 yrs old.  She has been going to APAC for 4 years. She’s learned so much from them that her life is all about dance now. She has the biggest smile when she’s getting ready for dance class. This is the best school ever. We love everything about them.

Cynthia and Jasmine

My daughter has been dancing with APAC for 7 years now…over these years I have watched how much she has matured…she has become more confident about herself and is well disciplined when it comes down to things that are important to her…like dance…I appreciate the wonderful staff @ APAC…thank you for taking the time to teach my daughter the art of dancing and giving me memories…we love you and looking forward for many years to come!!!!

Sara S.  (Ellie, 5 & Avery, 3)

Words hardly seem enough to express how much my girls have enjoyed dancing at Ashley’s Performing Arts Center this year.  I am so grateful to have found a dance studio that takes the art of dance so serious.  As first time dancers, they have already developed so much confidence and I look forward to watching them grow into great dancers!

Mercy M.

As a grandparent I must say that I am very happy with APAC and their director Ashley Cohen. The teachers are great, very talented and friendly. They care and love each student very much and you can see it in their dedication and patience, as well as during their sleepovers and competition. I have two granddaughters that have been with APAC since they were very little and I never miss a competition, show or recital. Ms Ashley and her staff have always treated my husband and I as part of their family. I am very happy to see the great progress my grandkids have made and how great all their dancers are. I am and will always be very proud of APAC and the IMPACT group. In this studio and with these teachers and director is where STARS are born!

Yanelys P.

APAC is truly the best dance studio! The way Ashley and her staff care about our kids ,their dedication and commitment to their learning is very admirable. I am very proud to be part of the APAC/ Impact Family. Our daughter Jailyn loves coming to dance and seeing her enjoyment everytime is what it is all about.. Her improvement in dancing and techniques show us the high level of professionalism this studio has.